The Rhythm Dance Academy is committed to expanding the reach of dance and theater arts for young people in India, and the world, enriching, inspiring and transforming their lives.The principles of Rhythm Dance Academy are simple and clear. Arts education empowers and defines self-esteem, discipline, creativity and self-confidence. This refers to character education, a by-product of training in the arts. These principles will become a part of each student whether they pursue a professional career or not. This is for LIFE.

Start your dancer off on the right foot with fun , affordable classes that feature age appropriate music, costuming and movements. Watch them grow in confidence, grace and beauty. We offer classes for dancers of all ages, 3 to adult, in many different styles. All parents can be assured of proper training and technique with age- appropriate costuming and choreography. We take great pride in providing skilled teachers who care about your dancer's progress and strive to maintain a loving, nurturing environment for each dancer. Our fun and exciting performances are the icing on the cake! I estimate that over 2000 students have taken dance classes at RDA, learning about dance, music, art and life.

Our Quality Services

We have a wonderful facility! A spacious studio with state of the art professional marley flooring over a sprung flooring insure no slips or falls, and a safe jumping and turning environment. A large observation window into each studio means that our dancers parents always know what their child is learning. No need to wait for an "observation day". Our Locker rooms ensure privacy and convenience for our dancers and lobby ensure easy access for anyone. Many of our dancers have performed in well known stages like dance india dance, boogie-woogie and many, many others. Most of our dancers, although not choosing dance careers,have felt that dance has been an extremely beneficial part of their lives. Dance has given them the poise,grace and self-confidence to set and achieve their goals.

Come visit our institution and see some of the dreams being made - one step at a time!

Learn It, Live It, Love It

Rhythm Dance Academy students are encouraged to take part in eisteddfods, concerts and shows because learning to dance gives birth to performance. Living the dance is that wonderful stage when students are able to combine individual expression with dance movement.But when we notice our students really loving the dance, that’s when we see them combining stand-out performances with something quite apart from themselves. And it’s absolutely fantastic!

Encouraging A Love Of Dance From Beginner To Advanced

The philosophy surrounding Rhythm Dance Academy is that dance should be accessible to all children and we aim to give children enjoyment, confidence and co-ordination as well as professional dance training in a friendly atmosphere.

Principal: Mr. Mohan M. Keshari. In 2007 Mr. Mohan M. Keshari founded Rhythm Dance Academy , an institution that focussed on developing the individual talents and ambitions of all the students.

Staff & Facilities: At Rhythm Dance Academy we are fortunate to have professional and friendly staff who care about the students and their training. We have a large purpose built airconditioned studio that offers 2 dance studio’s, singing rooms, reception, student common room area and parents waiting room. Fully equipped with mirrored studios.