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Rhythm Dance Academy Designed to serve the needs of the very serious student from"3 years Onward" who is seeking to expand their dance vocabulary and dramatically improve their technique. With an emphasis on Classical Ballet and Modern Dance, the Academy students follow a schedule designed by Mr. Mohan K. Keshari that will also include, depending on level, Salsa, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, and Bollywood Dance. .The Academy is calling you!

Daily training and a comprehensive vocabulary are necessary for any artist to achieve success in the dance world. The good news is that though the schedule may seem daunting at first we have seen remarkable results in academic achievement as a result of the character education dance training instills. Young people of Rhytam Dance Academy learn to manage their time

All Academy Students: Early Birds, Redbirds, Pre-Academy and Academy Students perform in the year end concert and are encouraged to audition for the annual theatrical production Choreographed by Mr. Mohan K. Keshari. See Images and Videos page for more information.

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